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Thread: battle creek city ordinece

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    (a) General Authority. The City Manager is hereby authorized to make such rules and regulations, subject to approval by the City Commission, pertaining to conduct in and the use of parks and public grounds as are necessary to administer the same and to protect public property and the safety, health, morals and welfare of the public.

    (b) Specific Rules.

    (1) Firearms and explosives. No person shall possess or discharge any firearm, air rifle, air pistol, paint ball gun, explosives or fireworks, or engage in any form of archery, in any park or playground. A violation of this rule is a misdemeanor.

    no email address but here s the city attorneys info

    Interim City Attorney: Eileen Wicklund
    10 N. Division St., Suite 207
    Battle Creek, MI 49037
    269-966-3385 (voice)
    269-966-3612 (fax)

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    Thank you cabman i will look into this along with the other Foia issues that battle creek iseems top be having !

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