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Thread: Sac State Murder

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    Hello, I am wondering on the progress of your group. Recently there was a murder at my campus dorm. I found our policy for handguns on the dorms. Are there currently any campuses that allow weapons in their on-campus dorms or on campus? It would seem like for me to be able to carry on campus I would not onlyhave to pursue the school's policy, I would have to amend this law. Any one with any background on this or in a similar situation? Thanks

    Firearms and Weapons

    At no time are firearms, explosives, or other dangerous weapons permitted on

    the California State University, Sacramento campus. This includes storing such

    weaponry in your vehicle. Weapons include but are not limited to: pistols,

    rifles, BB guns, pellet/pump guns, paint pellet weapons, slingshots, archery

    equipment, martial arts devices, knives, swords, explosives, etc. Such weapons

    are subject to confiscation and will be turned over to the Department of

    Public Safety. Students who violate this policy can expect to have their License

    Agreement revoked.

    To emphasize the seriousness of how such conduct is viewed, Section 171b(a) of

    the Penal Code states that, “Any person who brings or possesses within any state

    or local public building or at any meeting required to be open to the public...

    is guilty of a public offense punishable by imprisonment in a county jail for not

    more than one year, or in the state prison:

    • Any firearm.

    • Any deadly weapon described in Section 653K or 12020

    • Any knife with a blade in excess of four inches, the blade of which is

    fixed or is capable of being fixed in an unguarded position by the

    use of one or two hands.

    • Any tear gas weapon, as defined in Sections 12401 and 12402.

    • Any taser or stun gun, as defined in Section 244.5.

    33 Guide to Residential Life California State University, Sacramento

    • Any instrument that expels a metallic projectile, such as a BB or pellet,

    through the force of air pressure, C02 pressure, or spring action, or any

    spot marker gun or paint gun.” Items deemed “toy weapons” can often look

    like the “real thing” and play with such items generally involves a “target”.

    Such “toys” are often inscribed with warnings that they can be lethal when

    used inappropriately. In consideration of the safety and welfare of the entire

    Residence Hall community, these items are strictly prohibited as well.

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    I believe there are a few of the Tennessee campuses that firearms are not prohibited. Carry would require a HCP, of course. I think htere are campuses all accross the country that allow firearms in dorms and carry.

    And not a single proffessor has been shot at any of them. :what:

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    Check out Utah.

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