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Thread: Intro to Steel Plate Shooting

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    Stillwater Firearms Association Presents

    “Introduction to Steel Plate
    Match Shooting” Seminar

    December 5, 2009
    10:00 a.m.

    Location: SFA Private Shooting Range, Fallon, Nevada
    3.5 miles north of Rattlesnake Raceway, entrance on Indian Lakes Road

    This is your chance to see what steel plate match shooting is all about! We frequently hear shooters say, “I like to shoot, but I’m not good enough to compete.” Well, we have a solution for that! All shooters are classed by shooting ability, from Master Class through Classes A, B, and C (novice/beginner).

    This seminar will cover match format, range safety, shooting tips, and live fire at steel plate targets at 15 yards. Bring your handgun(s) and plenty of ammo! Nearly any centerfire autoloading pistol or double action revolver is appropriate; most suitable are .38 Special through .45 ACP calibers. NO magnum loads as they damage the steel targets. Spare magazines/speed loaders are recommended. Eye and ear protection required. (Limited number of spares will be available.)

    Required is a solid knowledge of safe firearms handling. NRA certified Range Safety Officers will supervise the event.

    “Strong side” holster required (no shoulder or crossdraw). Semi-auto handgun holsters must cover trigger. (A limited number of spare holsters may be available.)

    If you have no handgun, attend anyway! A limited number of handguns will be available for you to try.

    Youth and Ladies encouraged to attend! SFA shooting events are suitable for the entire family!


    Each registered attendee will also receive a ticket to win drawing prizes!

    Lunch: $5

    For more information, contact:
    Ken Adams (775) 427-5294 or Dennis Rechel (775) 427-3086

    Email: or

    Visit SFA online at:

    Stillwater Firearms Association
    P. O. Box 665
    Fallon NV 89407

    Larry aka varminter22

    SFA Board of Trustees/PAO/Past President

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    Great, I am making plans to attend.Thanks for the info.:celebrate

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