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Thread: Citizen's Committee on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

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    I was wondering if this is a good group to be a part of. The only thing that worries me is "The common sense gun lobby" partbecause common sense isnt always common.


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    I think that it is a good group.

    Think on your personal principles (that which will not be compromised), then compare and contrast your's with their's.

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    Yeah, we're getting that email, too. I'm still thinking about it. I do *belong* to this watchlisted site so I'm careful about what I join in case ... oh hell, do I or don't I have the right to my uninfringed political opninions any more?

    cheers - okboomer
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    Exercising my 2A Rights does NOT make me a CRIMINAL! Infringing on the exercise of those rights makes YOU one!

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