Hello again, I posted this over at UCC, but thought it wouldn't hurt to add it here too! Mods please let me know if this isn't appropriate.

The date for the Central Utah Friends of the NRA banquet, November 21st, is closing in fast. As a reminder this banquet will be held at the brand new event building located at the Sevier County Fairgrounds in Richfield. Doors open at 5pm and dinner around 7pm. A banquet ticket costs $35 for an awesome smoked beef and chicken dinner with salads, breads, etc. Your banquet ticket also qualifies you for a door prize drawing including a 9mm Hi-Point semi-auto handgun!

Also don't forget the pre-event raffle tickets for a .300 Weatherby rifle. Tickets are $5 each of 5 for $20 and no need to be present to win!

There will be some nice guns on the general raffle, others will be up for auction, some will be available on various games, and the rest will only be available to sponsors who get red and blue tickets for purchasing a sponsorship package. If you are interested in banquet and/or raffle tickets or becoming a sponsor (includes a sculpture, hat, banquet & raffle tickets, and also a climbers watch, spotting scope, or Weatherby shotgun depending on the package) please PM me or post a reply here. Thanks!

Here is a list of some of the items including the ever-growing gun list.

Matched set of Ruger Vaqueros - NRA gun of the year
Kimber Defender .45 ACP Ultra Carry
Smith & Wesson Model 642 Revolver .38 Special
Weather Bolt Action Rifle .257 Wthby
Benelli Nova 3.5" Mag Camo 20ga. Pump Shotgun
New Henry Youth Golden Boy .22LR Lever Action (very pretty gun)
Remington Model 597 .22LR Camo Rifle
Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun with NRA Seal
Pellet Gun Rifle
Vanquard Sport Blue Barrel .300 Wthby Mag Walnut Pre-Event Raffle Item
Weatherby Mark V Sporter .300 Wthby Mag NRA Logo
Nova Pump 3.5" 12ga. 26" Barrel Real Tree Camo Shotgun
Remington Model 597 .22LR in Pink Mossy Oak Camo
Taurus Judge Public Defender .45 2 3/4" Barrel
Weatherby Stainless Steel Rifle
Weatherby 12ga. Pump Shotgun with Walnut Stock
HOWA .300 Win with Scope
HOWA 7mm-08 with Scope
Knight Wolverine .50 Inline Muzzleloader
Charles Daly Over/Under 12ga. Shotgun
Stoeger Condor Over/Under 12ga. Shotgun
Winchester X-Bolt .30-06 Rifle
DPMS Panther Rifle - banned in several states
Hi-Point 9mm Handgun

10 day African Trip for 4
Alaskan Fishing Trip
California Duck Hunt
Oklahoma Pig Hunt

Cape Buffalo Print
Flushing Roosters Print
NRA 2nd Amendment Display
NRA American Heritage Bullet Board

Lamps, Clocks, etc
NRA Neon Wall Clock
NRA 72-Piece Flatware Set
NRA Deer Lamp & Copper Shade
"The Lesson II" Traditions Sculpture
NRA Hunter Windmill
Cattail Bird Feeder
Cuckoo Clock

D'Holder Bowie Knife of the Year
Boker 6-Piece Kitchen Knife Set & Block
Custom Knife & Rifle Sling Combo
NRA Axe & Knife Set
Gerber Obsidian Clip Folding Knife
Leupold Fixed Blade w/ Sheath
Cabela's Knives
(2) Big Game Processing Kits
Rosewood Handled Multitool Set
Fillet Knife Set
11 Piece Kitchen Set with Cutting Board
Utility Knife Set

Optics, Flashlights
Leupold Acadia Binoculars
Leupold MX-121 Xenon Flashlight
Laser Duel Reflex Sight
Brunton Polaris LED Lantern
Camo Optic Set
Flashlight set

Gun Cases & Vaults
Boyt Double Long Hard Side Gun Case
ADG Electronic Front Load Vault
Fireproof Gun Safe - not an el cheapo
Camo Aluminum Gun Case

Miscellaneous Other Merchandise
Blinds, fishing set, stepstool, belt buckles, decoys, NRA brief case, Camp Chef, BBQ grill/stove, bird house, shooting sticks, blankets, recliner & ottoman, R.A.S.S shooting bench (very nice), pizza board, duffle bags, microwave, massage certificate, tools, and more!