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Thread: Introduction and First OC Encounter

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    Hello there.

    My name's John, I'm 27 years old and finally have my first Open-Carry encounter to tell.

    I'm happy to see we have such an active community out here in Nevada. And I've been open-carrying whenever possible since I purchased my pistol.

    I was born and raised in the Peoples Republic of New York in the city of Buffalo.
    I got out in January of '07 due to their economy being a wreck, long before the economic crisis the country's in now.

    I moved out here to Las Vegas after taking a vacation here and seeing that there were jobs available beyond Technical Support and Debt Collections for people with computer skills.

    I've been interested in Open Carrying since I learned it was legal. Back in New York they go out of their way to indoctrinate the sheeple into believing that guns are bad. While I never succumbed to the brainwashing, I never even really considered that there was a movement to get people to see guns as a part of every day life.

    I firmly believe that an armed society is a polite society and after moving out here I got my first handgun, a ported Springfield XD-40. I acquired my CCW permit just in case I ever have my shirt or jacket cover the gun accidentally a LEO can't say I'm illegally carrying concealed.

    Anyway I think this is enough of an introduction, I've been carrying for about a year and frequently take trips to Walmart with it while I shop. Before today I've never had an encounter, which I think says either: a.) the people that work there are mostly blind or b.) they do a very good job educating their employees on citizens rights and their policy to abide by state laws(and what the laws are)

    All People of Walmart jokes aside, I'm going to choose to believe it's the latter, and the manager I spoke with certainly reinforced that belief.

    I frequent the Walmart on Boulder Highway & Nellis. So if anyone's ever interested in an OC outing in my neck of the woods, I'm in.

    Anyway I went in today looking for 3 things, some range ammo(if they have it, sometimes they do, sometimes they don't) kleenex, and a Sudoku book(yes, I'm one of those people).

    I walked in and immediately headed to the Books & Magazine section and noticed two female employees straightening the displays. I politely greeted them and asked where I could find a Sudoku book. I noticed their eyes were drawn to my waist and got a little anxious.

    I grabbed a book and casually headed over to Sporting Goods to check on Range Ammo. Unfortunately, luck was not in my favor today and they didn't have ammo so I headed over to the grocery department to grab some Kleenex.

    Just as I arrived a manager(I believe his name was Jim) approached me and asked
    the typical "Are you a police officer or something"

    I casually responded "No sir, I'm just an average every day citizen"

    He asked "Are you alright carrying that gun in here"

    Me: "Yes, I most certainly am, I'm just a citizen exercising his rights.

    Him with a smile on his face: "I understand, we just got a call that you scared a couple of the girls"

    I responded: "I'm sorry that they got scared, they have nothing to fear from a law abiding citizen exercising his rights"

    Him: "I know"

    At this I hear from his radio "He's over by the Kleenex, wearing a blue shirt"

    I laugh and say "Tell them all I said hello" he radios back that he's talked to me and everything's fine.

    I headed over to the cash register with him following for a little while, when he saw I was cashing out he headed off to do other things.

    Overall a very positive experience. In retrospect, I feel a bit foolish that I was nervous. The manager was very respectful and just doing his job. In my opinion, the only way it could have been improved upon was if he had just told the "girls" that I was just exercising my rights and not doing anything wrong. But were that the case I'd have nothing to tell

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    I hate to generalize but those two girls were most likely liberal transplants from California where people have been bred to believe that guns only lead to bad things happening unless they are carried by a uniformed police officer. I never understood that logic myself, police are just citizens like us. I know I don't particularly feel safer in states like CA and NY where, generally speaking, carry of lethal force is legislatively monopolized by cops and crooks, which sounds a lot like the `tale of the two wolves and the sheep trying to decide what to eat for lunch.` The sheep is outvoted. That is the definition of tyranny.

    I'm a transplant myself and but came to quickly realize that Nevada born and bred folk just don't care about people carrying guns around or having them in their vehicles, etc. Heck, they're probably carrying, too!

    Like your escape from NY, I left the tax and freedom oppressing State of California 10 years ago next month, I can't wait to celebrate my 10 years of freedom on Thanksgiving. I never knew what freedom felt like until I moved here, I love this state!

    Like you, my wife and I have our CCWs but she never carries while I often do. Sometimes I open carry and conceal carry at the same time, depending on where I'm at. It has been said, if you feel like you need to carry a gun, you probably need to carry two.

    Welcome to Nevada, we need more like you!

    Washoe County, NV

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    Welcome to the board!!! And congrats on your positive encounter!

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    Welcome to the board.

    Based on what you wrote, I think you handled the encounter excellently.

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