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Thread: Second Amendment March needs Virginia's help

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    Leyla Myers is the state coordinator and she needs help with fundraising and town hall meetings. Please contact Leyla at

    Below is some basic ideas for helping out.

    Dear Patriot and Organizer,

    Thanks you for your interest and for your willingness to organize a 2A Town Hall meeting. We appreciate your support. You have taken a big step in helping to maintain freedom and the right to keep and bear arms during these especially unsettling and turbulent times. We can’t thank you enough. Please follow the attached instructions in organizing your Second Amendment Town Hall meeting.

    The mission of the Second Amendment March is to galvanize the courage and resolve of Americans; to petition our elected officials against establishing anti-gun legislation; and to remind America that the Second Amendment is necessary to maintain our right to self defense.
    Second Amendment March timeline:

    · April 2008 through February 2010 we will hold Second Amendment Town Hall Meetings all across America

    · March 2010 we will hold State Capitol marches in as many states as possible.

    · April 19th 2010 we will march on Washington DC

    Town Hall meetings are the heart and soul of the Second Amendment March. They help us build the foundation and grassroots support needed to fund and populate the State Capitol and DC marches. Without them we could not accomplish our mission. No Town Hall meeting is too small or too big.

    There’s nothing magical about organizing a town hall meeting. It takes hard work performed in the right sequence. In order to make it easier for you, please follow the steps and guidelines below as you plan and organize your event. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

    Skip Coryell
    Founder, Second Amendment March

    How to Organize a Second Amendment Town Hall Meeting

    Organize by the Numbers!

    1. Register your town hall meeting.

    This is done simply by emailing us at: or contact a State coordinator

    Once you are registered, we will call you personally to offer our thanks and guidance. We will then send you a planning packet complete with flyers, posters, and business cards, and 2A merchandise for promoting and fundraising purposes.

    2. Find a place to hold the meeting.

    This can be big or it can be small. The choice is up to you. It can be in an arena with 10,000 people or in your neighbor’s barn with 25 of your neighbors. The important thing is that you band together as Americans and network and plan to preserve your Second Amendment Rights. Some ideas for venue include but are not limited to:

    · Town Halls

    · VFW Halls

    · Churches

    · Shooting Clubs

    · Conservation Clubs

    · Union Halls

    · Banquet Halls

    · Parks

    · Large private homes

    3. Publicize the event.

    There are many things you can do to publicize and promote your town hall meeting. Here are some examples:

    · Put an ad in your local newspaper

    · Distribute flyers (We can help with design and printing.)

    o Supermarkets

    o Place of employment

    o Schools (preferably colleges)

    o Social Clubs

    · Go on the radio or television! Don’t be shy! (If you can set up an interview but do not wish to go on the air contact us at and we will provide someone from our staff.)

    · Post the event on firearms-friendly bulletin boards like:




    o There are many other state-level or organizational bulletin boards you might have access to – give those a try as well.

    · Word of mouth. Tell all your friends and everyone you meet. Ask them to help and give them some flyers, too!

    · Invite other organizations in your community to attend and to help promote the 2A March.

    2A march will promote the event by placing it on our website and by announcing it in our weekly newsletter. We will also provide you with printed flyers for your event.
    4. Provide the logistics.

    This will vary depending on the venue and size of the meeting. Please make sure people have what they need to attend and enjoy themselves. (E.g., bathroom facilities, shelter from the elements, seating, etc.).

    Please be aware that many public venues require a permit, and there may be fees and applications involved. For example, some municipalities require a permit and porta-potties for events beyond a certain number of anticipated attendees. Expect to fill out forms and adhere to all government regulations regarding the location you seek

    If someone is speaking or giving a presentation, you may need a stage, sound system, audio visual equipment, computers, projectors, etc. Plan ahead.

    NOTE: If your venue is large enough the Founder of Second Amendment March or another approved professional speaker may fly to your event to speak or render other support as necessary. (If a professional speaker is not available Second Amendment March will provide you with a video or PowerPoint presentation to assist.)

    5. During the event.

    It is important that you document the event either with still photos or video. The Second Amendment March will use this on our website and in other publications to promote future meetings and to help encourage others to follow your example.

    6. Fundraising.

    Make sure there is a secure Second Amendment March donation jar readily accessible to the people. Their generosity will help defray the cost of your event. Have a table set up with 2A March information and merchandise. You may also have a local non-profit organize a 50/50 raffle or other lawful fund-raising activity. All net proceeds will go towards funding the Second Amendment March. (Be sure to follow all state, local and federal guidelines for anything you do associated with the 2A march.)

    Second Amendment March will also send you a supply of 2A March merchandise for you to sell at the event. All proceeds go towards expenses and the 2A March.

    NOTE: We are in the process of gaining our non-profit status. It will be announced in a coming newsletter.

    7. After the event.

    · Provide for clean up by ensuring that people clean up the mess and return the area to its original state.

    · Send in your article, photos and video to

    · Once you have computed the cost of your event, make sure the bills are paid.

    Then mail in the net profit along with receipts to: (Direct all financial questions to the 2A March Treasurer, Nichole Ridner at 269-623-2301 or

    Second Amendment March
    PO Box 232
    Delton MI 49046-0232

    Or, you can use the “Donate” button on and email the receipts.

    That’s all there is to it! But if you have special questions, please contact us at
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    *The information contained above is not meant to be legal advice, but is solely intended as a starting point for further research. These are my opinions, if you have further questions it is advisable to seek out an attorney that is well versed in firearm law.

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    I'd like to coordinate an OC dinner in Culpeper (VA) in late Nov/early Dec - I'd like to have someone at the dinner that can speak to the 2A march - I'll send a note to the info@secondamendmentmarch.comaddress.

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