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Thread: Adequate training II, education in facts rather than opinions?

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    Four precepts of gun-safety.
    Four elements of common law self-defense.
    Wisconsin legally prohibited practices and places.
    Makes, models, calibers, capabilities - all Barbara Streisand.

    'Would', 'could' and 'should' characterize unfalsifiable statements not worth the sweat of a lawyer's mount.
    I, coincidentally, had the opportunity last night, at our weekly community burgers and beer supper, to look over the state hunters training manual in the hands of a mid-teen young lady.

    I saw the epitome of mission creep, of trying to satisfy legions of faceless bureaucrats, each with his pet suggestion and with no concern for any budget, of dollars or time. I would not consider that an exemplar of 'training'.

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    Would you be so kind as to elaborate? What exactly did you read and what didn't you like about it?
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