I went to Bellco this AM to finance a car. The title the county had issued misspelled my name. The woman I was working with wasmaking up a POA just for metoaffirmboth names were the same person. I wasn't carrying as I wasn't sure if the exact address of the branch closest to me was in Denver or Westminster.

I pointed out to her that I'd takenmy personal protection class and the certificate I need to give to the sheriff has the same misspelling and I wondered if I'm going to need the certificate re-issued. She asked me about the class (Boulder Rifle Club's) since it was something she was consideringand I highly reccomended it.I asked her about Bellco's "Open Carry" policy, but I'm not sure she heard the "open" part.

She said that the credit union does not have any kind of a "ban" oncarrying in place, nor signs on their doors, but if they see someone carrying they do have the right to refuse service. I referred her to numerous reports of citizens stopping robberiesor preventingfrom people getting hurt. She agreed and noted that since one of their sources of members is government employees, they have a lot of current and retired LEOs using the credit union who carry.

Not only do they have that layer of security, but they are member owned. Which means the members dictate the policy on carry. That really left me with a feeling of "for the people, by the people" for credit unions.

I see in the OCDOarchives another Bellco member was politely asked to CC, but overall I'd call the credit union on the side of "the good guys".