I met up with the Liberty on the Rocks folks at Conner's tonight. I parked at my lodge and walked over. None of the patio diners on my stroll even noticed me. Didn't walk on the mall as I was feeling misanthropic and just wanted to get to the restaurant.

The group was right inside the door with a sign up as I entered. No anti-weapon signs on the door, so I took a seat. I excused myself to the other side of the table noting "when I carry I don't like my back to the door". Truth is I don't like sitting that way at all. The host asked "So, you're carrying now?" I said yes and noted it was on my strong side hip. He said, "Good, I'm safer."

Since we were right inside the door, I was sitting where anyone coming into the restaurant would see my gun if they were looking, but hardly anyone did. Waiter didn't seem to blink an eye. The group was very positive, which I was grateful for. I was worried about the possibility of meeting a group purporting to be about freedom unless it means they might get dirty looks for it. The host even said to a young gun nut engineer arriving, "You'll like this guy, especially when you look at his hip".

A gentleman I was standing next to for a good half hour didn't notice I wasOC until I offered to let his Heineken order be part of my beer and wings combo. I noted that I don't drink beer and I couldn't subsitute another drink since I was carrying and gestured to my hip.

Which brings me to the food. I'm sorry, they may be OC-friendly, but I am never eating there again. I say that every time I meet someone there, but this time I'm bloody serious. From my warm iced tea in a dirty glass to the portabello mushroom burger turned into a briquette frisbee or the watery over-bacony "cream of potato leek soup" or the hot wings that tasted like bad Taco Bell hot sauce. I'd already sworn off their overpriced, underportioned "Irish" fare, but the place is just completely unpalatable.

The other only negative was a drunk guywho about fell over when he saw my gun. He, his wife/gf, and another woman with them were on their way out. The woman was going to the restroom behind them and they exchanged words, presumably about meeting outside. He turned around and saw my gun and his eyes got as big as dinner plates. He backed up against his girlfriend and nearly knocked her over. Her eyes went wide and they both went outside. Their friend came out a couple minutes later with no incident. When the host noted to me after a while he wished more people would carry and that he was surprised nobody had said anything, I recounted that couple's reaction.

Other than that, good conversation about politics and OC. I noted the grassroots effect of "normal" people OCing, but mostof the politics were over my head.