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Thread: I put a guy in jail tonight!

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    I work security. Tonight I'm in Comstock Park, just north of Grand Rapids. I got a call from a resident who said that he could hear the coin operated laundry machines being broken into downstairs. Long story short, I get there and there was a guy with a bandana covering the lower part of his face walking up the stairs. I blocked the door with my body as he rammed it to get out. I didn't have good footing, so he got out after a few tries. I chased him all the way across the complex (a long way) until the police got there and arrested him. He had a screwdriver on him as well as a bunch of quarters from the machines. It was a felony arrest. This was my first time doing something like this, and I'm pretty psyched about it! Just wanted to share.
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    Good to hear you're giving rent-a-cops a good name.


    Stay safe.


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    Good on ya, mate! A lot of cops go YEARS before they get their first felony arrest! Make sure it's on your resume.
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