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Thread: You do not need a hunting license to open carry in the forest in Wisconsin

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    The subject was brought up a while back regarding DNR Wardens hassling people for OC without a license or not during an open hunting season, etc. I don't recall how the thread went. With the advent of the DNR thread, I was combing through the regulations and found this under training.

    I have always believed that the burden of proof was on the Wardento prove you were actively hunting and it has never bothered me to carry year 'round in the woods. Apparently the DNR administrative staffrecognizes this fact openly.

    This is right out of the DNR FAQ....

    1. 6. Possession of Firearms While Walking on a Roadway
      : Is it illegal to possess a loaded firearmwhen walking on a roadway?

      Simple possession of a firearm while walking along a roadway is not illegal. However, it is one of the pieces of what law enforcement calls “the totality of circumstances” which can lead to probable cause for an arrest. The arrest would be for hunting from a roadway. Hunting is defined broadly and pursuing game (such as being part of a deer drive) is hunting. Should a law enforcement officer find enough pieces within the totality of circumstances they may have enough probable cause to issue a citation for hunting from a roadway. The burden of proof of a violation is the responsibility of law enforcement. Possession of a firearm while walking on a roadway is not by itself enough (prima facia) evidence to issue a citation for hunting from a roadway.

      * It is important to remember that certain species may be hunted from a roadway if the roadway is dirt, sand or gravel and the firearm is a muzzleloader or a shotgun shooting fine shot. The above question most frequently comes from our public relative to gun deer hunting.

    2. 7. Loaded firearms after Hunting Hours End: Is it illegal to posses a loaded firearm after the shooting hours are over?

      There is no law for hunting that requires a person to unload their firearm when hunting hours have ended. It is legal to possess a loaded firearm when hunting hours are over……so long as the person is not hunting. See answer above in number 6.
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    Thank you! I'll be printing out those items, among other, before heading to the woods next weekend.
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    Thank you for this wonderful piece of information!
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