My employer recently moved their accounts from Suntrust (where I bank) to BB&T. I was given a couple checks on Friday, one of which was a paycheck, and took them to BB&T to cash.

So I get to the counter, knowing about the damned $5 check cashing if cashing a check is some sort of privilege. I hand the teller 2 checks, and she reminds me of the fee. I acknowledge, and she then says, "that's going to be $10, OK?"

I respond, "I don't like the fee AT ALL, but I'll accept paying $5. Charging me $10 is ridiculous."

Her supervisor (at the next teller spot) pipes up with "Sir, ALL the banks charge that fee! It's not JUST US!"

Me: "Yeah, well, we can thank Bank of America for dreaming up that crappy policy that your bank decided to follow!"

My teller then says, "If you open an account with us, I can waive the fee!"

So I say, "There's 2 reasons why I can't do that. First, because I'm not going to bank with you for charging a $5 check cashing fee, as if it's a privilege to walk into a bank to cash a check. Second, you have a sign on your door that prevents me from opening an account."

She looks at me confused and says, "What sign?"

I then point out the little "no guns" sign on the door, and tell her that "I don't give my business to anti-gun banks." I didn't bother to tell her that the sign has no legal authority, since it fails to meet the statutory criteria necessary to be enforceable, and that I had a .45 in my pocket.

She didn't have a response......just another stare. I didn't go on to tell her that their crappy anti-gun policy didn't help the BB&T branch in VA that got robbed 2 weeks ago, since at this point I felt that our discussion wasn't going to be more than me talking and her staring.

She finally stopped staring and asked me if I wanted to cash the checks or not. I answered, "Obviously I do. I'm here, aren't I? Just cash the damned checks so I can leave."

I think from now on I'll just add $5 or $10 to every expense reimbursement request I submit, and I'll just deposit my pay check into my account at Suntrust.