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Thread: pics, how?

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    Could somebody tell me how to upload a picture i got from my e-mail to here? Got

    one today i'd like to share with everybody.


    oh well, i tried.

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    When you type a new topic or reply, there is a box below where you type for attachments.

    Click the "Browse" button to find it on your computer.

    You may also link it from a website with [url] tags.

    If the picture is hosted on a website, you can click the icon illustrated below.

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    From your computer:

    - Upload it here:

    - Paste the direct link into the thread like this: [img] [/img] put the link between the img tags.

    From the internet:

    - Right click the image, go to "properties."

    - Find where it says "address," copy and paste this link between the same img tags as above.

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