I am not sure where to put this, but it needs to be put somewhere, so here it goes.

A week or so ago, I ordered a holster for my Walther P99 from LasermaxWorld.com (aka TGSCOM.com). A holster arrived today, but not the one I ordered. I checked on their web site to make sure the error was not mine -- it isn't. This is simply not what I ordered.

I called them and let them know that 1) I had not yet received the holster I ordered, but that I had received the wrong item. They said that they would send me a RMA, and when I returned the holster -- on my own dime -- that they would credit my account for the "return". I clarified that this was not a "return" -- I placed an order, and my order had not yet arrived. This was not my error: this was their error. I would be happy to send back this incorrect item if they paid for shipping, but I still wanted the item I had paid for.

She said that they do not do "exchanges". I clarified again that this was not an "exchange" -- I never received what I had paid for. I was still waiting for that. She said that I would not be receiving it. I would need to place a new order if I wanted the holster I had ordered.

So let me get this straight, I said. You want me to pay to ship you back the wrong item you sent me, at which point you will refund my money, but you won't send me the item I have actually paid for. I would have to order it again, and hope that I receive what I order.

Yes, I understood correctly.

Stay FAR AWAY from LasermaxWorld.com (aka TGSCOM.com).

I intend to contest this through my credit card company. I refuse to pay to send back something which I never ordered.

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