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Thread: Important gun rights event tonight: Portsmouth, VA City Council!

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    This town not only has a mayor aligned with Bloomberg, but they still have a preempted gun ban ordiance on the books!



    VCDL's meeting schedule:
    Abbreviations used in VA-ALERT:
    1. Anti-gun League of Women Voters trying to turn out people to
    counter VCDL at Portsmouth tonight
    2. Good turn out at Virginia Tech talk last night
    3. Gun shows and events

    ************************************************** **
    1. Anti-gun League of Women Voters trying to turn out people to
    counter VCDL at Portsmouth tonight
    ************************************************** **

    The League of Women Voters of South Hampton Roads is asking its
    members to come to the meeting at Portsmouth tonight to counter VCDL's
    presence there. We need to make sure we have a good number of people
    there, so those of you who can come please do so.

    I will be at the meeting around 6:30 with Guns Save Lives stickers.
    The meeting starts at 7 PM.

    Interesting to note that there is currently an effort to recall Mayor
    Holley after the City Council asked him to resign and he refused. Bob
    Marcus, with Bob's Gun in Norfolk, is leading the way:

    Push to recall Portsmouth mayor gains momentum Posted to: Elections
    News Portsmouth

    By Jen McCaffery
    The Virginian-Pilot

    An effort to recall Mayor James Holley got a boost this week with the
    gathering of more signatures and the formation of a political action

    About sixteen volunteers fanned out at precincts around the city and
    gathered 2,415 more signatures on Election Day, according to Pat
    Simons, one of the organizers.

    That adds to the more than 2,800 signatures that were gathered as of
    Oct. 23 but still does not give the anti-Holley movement the 7,500
    needed to force a recall vote.

    Portsmouth resident and Norfolk gun dealer Robert Marcus launched a
    political action committee to bolster the recall campaign.

    "We're well on our way now," Marcus said. He anticipated that a door-
    to-door effort to get additional signatures would begin.

    The effort to recall Holley came shortly after members of City Council
    asked him to resign and Holley refused.

    Before that, council members fined him $2,500 in connection for using
    his city assistant to perform personal tasks including canceling his
    Playboy subscription.

    Holley has said he is not walking away from his office.

    Holley, who is in his fifth term, was recalled once before in 1987 in
    connection with a hate mail campaign.

    Holley did not return a message left at his home Tuesday night.

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    Better to not open your mouth and be thought the fool, than to open it and remove all doubt.

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