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Thread: TV show: Guns & Gear

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    Was channel flipping and came across this. Reviews, training tips, cleaning tips, gun demos...

    Viewers get a first-hand look at the hottest and most innovative products in the gun world on Guns & Gear! Guns & Gear covers what’s cool and what’s new in the firearms industry via action packed product demonstrations. Celebrity host Tom Gresham delivers viewers the “must-have” information on the latest & most interesting gear for target shooters and hunters. The show features in-studio interviews with manufacturer representatives, field and range demonstrations, real-world applications and so much more! Be sure to listen to Tom's informative Gun Talk Radio show on iTunes as well.

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    I listen to Gun-talk every week and love it.
    Guns & Gear TV is fun to watch and keeps you up on some new products and trends, but you can tell it's a total 30-minute ad for any gun company who is willing to pay.
    You won't get any critical reviews from it.
    I liked Gresham's "Personal Defense TV" better.

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