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Thread: A walk in the Park - Independence Day

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    The firearm rules for National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries have changed and will become effective after Feb, 2010. It is time to exercise your rights, so that they don't get too flabby.

    I will again be visiting Jackson Wyoming in June/July and would like to OC for some
    short educational day hikes in Teton and Yellowstone parks. The education is not for me, but for those who stop to talk about OC and firearms in general.

    Who's up for it?
    What are the problems / Rules of engagement?
    What are the suggested practices and protection?
    What standard discussion and/or hand out material should one use?

    You get the idea. Since the rules have changed, and I do not have a CCW, I am limited to OC, which is actually desirable. OC among those who may have questions will benefit them from their questions and the experience of the discussions. I'm up for it.
    An Independence day hike around String Lake, Jenny Lake, Old Faithful, etc. will be
    in a student rich environment.

    The same exercise should take place in parks across the state and in every state where such OC is permitted. Pass this around.

    Pile on in here folks, speak your mind.

    Bobcul. AKA Burtonsville Bob
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    Wewill all meet up at Old Faithful Fountain YNP at 1100 4th of July 2010 ! OPEN CARRY !!! ALL THE WAY !!!

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