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Thread: 10 guns seized as car shot on I-90

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    10 guns seized as car shot on I-90
    Mentor woman finds bullet hole in vehicle

    By MARGIE TRAX PAGE - Staff Writer -
    Star Beacon

    AUSTINBURG TOWNSHIP — Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers seized 10 guns from seven target shooters Sunday evening when an errant bullet struck a vehicle on Interstate 90, OHP Trooper Chris Thayne said.

    The bullet struck the rear panel of a Honda Odyssey just above the wheel well as it was traveling on the interstate, Thayne said.

    “The vehicle was driven by a Mentor woman, who said she heard a ‘pop, pop, pop,’ and then heard something hit her vehicle,” Thayne said. “She pulled over at the Austinburg Township interchange and found a bullet hole.”

    Troopers responded to the scene at 5:06 p.m., Thayne said, and inspected the bullet hole. Troopers then stopped two vehicles leaving a former golf course on Austinburg Road, Thayne said, and found 10 rifles and handguns belonging to seven people.

    “Now we will try to figure out if a bullet shot from one of those guns hit the car,” he said.

    Thayne said the suspects admitted to “target shooting” and had plywood targets in the cars, as well.

    An investigation into the incident is ongoing, Thayne said.

    Very little info, makes me wounder how they found these shooters. Makes a even stronger point to know your backdrop.
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    zack991 wrote:
    It makes it a even bigger point to know your backdrop.
    I'd be very surprised if 7 different people all decided it was a good idea to shoot towards an interstate highway... But then again, maybe I give gun owners too much credit.

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