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Thread: Pittsburgh International Airport - The ordinance is not enforceable, the DA conceded

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    Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. Insane Kangaroo
    Docket Number: CP-02-SA-0001853-2009
    Case status: Closed
    Disposition: NOT GUILTY

    This incident is in regards to carrying a firearm at the non-secure area of the airport.

    The DA conceded after reading the lawyer's brief and will not attempt to appeal the dismissal.

    Defense brief:

    "The airport authority will be having a meeting later this month and a
    discussion of the result in your case will be at the top of their agenda." (McCormick)

    Allegheny County Ordinance as follows:
    ยง705-39. Weapons and firearms. A. No person, except law enforcement officers, post office and custom officials, or members of the Armed Forces of the United States on active duty, shall carry any weapon, firearm, explosive or inflammable material on the airport premises except by specific direction of the Director, the Superintendent of Police or their designees.
    B. No person shall transport any weapon or firearm except when it is properly enclosed for shipment and is not in the person's manual possession.
    C. No person shall discharge any weapon or firearm at the airport except in the performance of official duties requiring the discharge thereof.

    Gays are prominent members of firearm rights, we do more via the courts, don't like it? Leave.
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    You the man!

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    Nice job. Kudos for sticking through with it and making the courts realize the ordinance is not valid.


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    Carry ON!
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    Yep, that brief is awesome! It'll be a great help for anyone who finds themselves in a similar future predicament, which I hope never happens.

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