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Thread: Veterans' Day....School Dinner....OC

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    New Haven, Ky courtesy dinner at elementary school. Displayed my badge and attendedopenly armed. Shared a table with Ky Rep Dave Floyd.

    Rep Floyd and Idiscussed open carry and HE told me that he approved and was very aware ofthe wheres and whys of open carry. I am impressed!I explained to him that carrying with my badge openly was not the norm for me, but felt it necessary since I was inside school property.

    Unless on duty, I turn my badge inward and carry without color of law. He was right with me on that point. The man knows what he's doing as far as guns and has my total support. A true gentleman.

    I also talked briefly with Jody Haydon, past Ky State rep. He, too, indicated for total 2nd admendment support and that it was NOT about hunting. I will back him for senate.

    Had a wonderful time and am tickled I got to advance OC.

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    Congrats! *S* It's good to hear that we actually have people "up there" that are on our side in the gun owning community.

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