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Thread: Shotguns: Shell holder?

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    Super random question for ya'll: I'm getting a buttstock shotshell holder for my Mossberg. Should I get a plastic one, or an elastic one? I ask because I remember reading that there was some extreme benefit to one over the other, but for the life of me I can't remember what was what!

    On a side note, for those of us that have ATI gunstocks, ATI has come out with 2 wonderful new products. I noticed that the comb of my collapsible stock was too high, so I could not line up with the barrel properly. I was looking down on the entire weapon. ATI did this because "most" tactical shotguns are equipped with some sort of optic or ghost ring set up. I'm a firm believer in the theory that a shotgun is NOT a rifle, so it doesn't need rifle sights.

    Anyway, ATI has come out with two new items that lower the comb on their stocks. One is a "Stock Drop Spacer" that angles the entire part, pistol grip and all, slightly down. The other (not on their website yet) is an "Iron Sight Adapter" that will only angle the stock itself, leaving the pistol grip in place.

    I don't know if anyone else has experienced this problem with their stocks, but now there's a solution. Yay! :celebrate

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    i have the plastic ones on mine. i like it except when you try to load all 5 shells into it, the last 2 shells are always hard to get in because the plastic has smooshed together. not a big deal but it takes some wiggling to get in, but you know for sure they arent going to come out unless you purposely take them out

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