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Thread: Value of this rare gun ?

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    I have had this pistol since the early 90's. Bought brand new, Still in new condition except no box (the box was very cheap and ugly, and didn't last the years).

    This is a military model Steyr GB in perfect condition. I haveoriginal cleaning kit, and a very rare original compensator that was factory parkerized, and matches the pistol perfectly. The compensator is rarer than the gun itself, and i bought 2 of the last 12 magazines that were in the US in the mid 90's to make a total of 3 Mags.

    What i understandabout the Steyr GB: Less than 20,000 total production, and less than 7,000 imported into the USA. Of those numbers, even less were made as military models, and many of those were submitted to the US during the 9mm pistol trials and tortured, most of the rest saw service with foreign countries, and a few with our own special forces. A number of these were used as IPSC guns back in the day and were known for exceptional smoothness.

    So, i am curious if anyone knows the value of this rare gun. - Interested more in the collectors view than "blue book" quote, as it is a nice piece, and been a safe queen all it's life.


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    It looks like it could be worth more than $1100.

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    ... Or maybe worth more if you check out Antiques Roadshow. They may have a firearms expert. Just remember, a firearm is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. You may consider it priceless, but a collector may only be willing to pay $1100 for it. You may also check with the curator of the NRA Museum in Fairfax, VA. They're pretty knowledgeable and very helpful. I'm sure you can find an e-mail address on their web site or you can call them and talk to a curator. Good luck.
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