On Sundays I have to pop down to the office to find out what time I start work on Monday (start time changes from day-to-day due to the changing customer workload). Can't carry on the job (understandable), but on Sunday when I stop by the office I'm not on the job, so I carry (just like I always do when out and about).

Picked up my schedule and sweet young thing behind the counter noticed I was carrying. "Neat!" said she. She inquired about the caliber, makeand model (mine's a Hi-Point 9mm), and then told me hers is a Ruger 9mm. She stated she has hers for personal protection, and she knows how to use it.

To really bring a smile to her face I gave her a PAOC Open Carry flyer, which contains all the appropriate handgun laws.

I then made a stop at the video store to return some DVDs and stopped at Giant Eagle to get some coffee. No issues there.