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Thread: A Question for WY's re: the State Legislature

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    Ok, come 100 days or so (I believe 2/22) the Federal Ban on weapons in NP's will expire, and each NP - or each state section of YNP - will revertto "State Rules".

    Now I'm a MT resident w/ MT & FL CWP's so I'm legal to carry (CCW) in WY.

    However, WY has aBAN on firearms in (WY) State Parks - that's the big reason why we don't do any camping in the state parks when we're in WY.

    So here's the question... Since the WY Legislature sees fit to ban firearms in State Parks, what is the chance that they will also pass a ban on firearms in National Parks (TNP & YNP)?
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    Wy state park rules are found at the link below. Nowhere does it say that you can't have a firearm in a state park.

    Section 16. Public Safety.
    (a) Unless otherwise provided on park lands, no person shall:
    (i) Possess explosives of any kind on park lands.
    (ii) Use or display any weapon in a threatening manner.
    (iii) Discharge a firearm or other projectile device, or otherwise purposefully or negligently endanger the life of any person or creature within any park lands. The discharge of a firearm or other projectile device while engaged in hunting or fishing as authorized by Wyoming Game and Fish Commission regulations is authorized except within 400 yards of any public use facility or activity area, including picnic areas, campgrounds, private cabin and concession areas, boat ramps, hard surfaced roads, designated trails, and parking lots.
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    News to me too, as we frequent state parks when we visit. Wyoming also has a powerful pre-emption law you may want to look up.

    I'll likely be CC'g in the national parks initially to sort of 'see how things go'.

    If I'm in the back country exclusively and in bear warning areas, I may OC the big revolver for safety's sake... It's really nice to know I can carry without fear of losing my firearm, a vehicle search, harrassment and possible charges. All just for protecting my family...

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