I went there at like 11am to preorder Modern Warfare 2. Had noproblem first time i didnt get id'd for a game that was fun. Went back later at like 8:45pm to hang out with friends and wait for game . The national guard was there was disapointed they werent armed they were really there just for promotional reasons tho. theyhad a rock wall to climb and a bunch of lanyards to hand out. the whole timeI was carrying my Springfield Gi 1911 there was a about 200 people there no one really noticed or cared. was my first hometown OC other times it was out camping in payson. I did notice one other man OCing a glock. It was fun educating some of my friends that are not quite into guns on thier rights regarding carry.Also had a great laugh when my friend asked if it was loaded. One buddy said he would of carried his 44 if he knewI was going to carry in the end was a a great experience and i have to say i love arizona. On a side note modern warfare is quite fun and actually gave shotguns range over 10 feet which in video games is a miracle damn i wish video game designers knew something about guns before they make a game they claim to be realistic. game stop was in peoria off lake pleasent