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    I had a great conversation with a few of the employees/owners of Jack's Corner Mediterranean Deli the other day about OC. I was on my way to a friends house who lives near UNCG and I stopped in to pick up a falafel wrap OCing my Beretta 92. The girl behind the counter asked if I was an officer and we pretty much went through the normal OC conversation from that point on. They asked some great questions about restricted places and OC vs CC pros/cons. They also asked me why I felt the need to carry all the time. I'm sure it was a new thing for them being right across the street from the college. If anyone is wanting some good Mediterranean food I would recommend going to Jack's and thank them for being understanding and inquisitive about OC. Let them know we won't mind supporting them in return.

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    That's the salmon-pink sandwich shop, right?

    I've passed by that place many times but have never eaten there and have always heard good things. I'll have to check it out sometime. I often see many UNCG-PD and the occasional GPD sitting in their already limited space parking lot. What are their prices like?

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