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Thread: British gun culture

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    Browsing websites of gun manufacturers in the UK (yes, they still exist - most make custom shotguns) has been interesting.

    (These are, I know, upper class affectations, just having a little fun).

    First thing is hunting clothes. The approach to hunting in the UK is a little different from our own here in the States:

    I *say*!

    Is a tie while hunting REALLY necessary? Although I suppose one could walk into a nice pub after and not look like you've gone completely feral, as may be the case here in the US, especially in some wetter regions.

    I wasn't familiar with the concept of a "gunroom" until I started looking around. Here we mainly gave gun shops or gun stores, but that may well be a result of my admittedly middle...middling...class:

    Don't touch anything!

    Here is a price on a side-by-side shotgun. My Remington 870 with laminate stock just does not compare:

    My word!

    I must say that I admire the craftsmanship on these, but clearly they are intended for a whole different class of shooter than myself. Still, it is nice to see that given Britain's odd gun climate that those who remain in the business are holding their heads high.

    Westley, Richards, and Son, will fit the gun to you!

    Tweedpocalypse NOW:

    Women shoot too. I am reminded here, for some reason, of the hunting scene in Evelyn Waugh's Handful of Dust. Or perhaps the one in Gosford Park. Getting ready to go hunting looks a bit exausting, but this is strangely compelling to me nonetheless. Rowr.

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    Shooting is a sport for the privileged Brits and yes they know how to do it in style.

    Sadly, self defense by any means has all but been removed from a once proud nation.

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