I contacted Wenatchee about running the Tri Cities story, heres the response from the Web Editor.

What is BANDWIDTH THAT EXPENSIVE? Couldnt even run a two line link?

I dislike being lied to.

Heres what theyve "covered"


Commission has NO AUTHORITY TO ALLOW anyone to exercise their Constitutional Rights. That is ARROGANCE of the worst sort.

The root problem is them deliberately leaving the false assumption that no one can carry anything without training and a permit. Categorically false.

Neither do they make any attempt to learn what the Law is and write it correctly,
so that brings the "deliberate" part.

its more willing compliance with out of control governments to undermine the rights of Citizens, what the media are supposed to be watchdogs for!

The Tri Cities Herald got it right, why cant Wenatchee? Simple, the Reporter from the Herald is from a place that values peoples rights, and thats not REICHland.

Capn Camo out.


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Web Editor Brianne Pruitt forwarded your comment to me. We have not picked up the Tri-Cities story because the way it is written is very Tri-Cities-centric. We have, however, covered this issue in our area this year:

This May story is about the Chelan County Board of Commissioners:

And this is a January story about the city of Wenatchee:

Thank you for the feedback. We appreciate it.


Kevira Voegele, assistant city editor
The Wenatchee World
14 N. Mission
Wenatchee, WA 98801
(509) 664-7146

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Brianne, hwo about picking up on this story?