Most of you know I have been fighting an ongoing legal battle against the City of Englewood, Ohio since August of 2007. I actually filed a civil rights law suit against them in March of 2009.

This all evolved around my right to Open Carry my firearm in the city park.

I have incurred legal expenses which I have been paying out of my own pocket. The city has done everything possible to drag this out and cost me more and more or my personal funds.

I took a second job to keep paying my attorney, but do to some old medical problems I had to quit my second job. When I had the second job I was able to keep the balance due at a reasonable level and therefore didn’t think it was necessary to ask for assistance.

NOTE TO THE CITY OF ENGLEWOOD: (I know you watching this site trying to find something to use against me…..)

DON’T THINK FOR ONE SECOND… that my request to my fellow gun owners is any sign of weakness… I will fight you on this to my last dollar if I have to. I will do whatever needs to be done to see this to the end. You are wrong and you refuse to accept responsibility for your actions, so be prepared to see this to the end.

My attorney has been very good about not giving me any heart ache about what is owed so far, I do appreciate that. But the bill is starting to build up a bit.

So I am asking for some assistance. Anything that you could donate will be appreciated.

I thought about getting a P.O. Box and having any donations sent there. But I realized that my personal address and name are already public record in several places pertaining to this law suit and my actions against the City of Englewood.

So instead of having the extra expense of a P.O. Box please just send any donations to:

Kent Maynard

411 W. Herr Street

Englewood, OH 45322-1139

I hope you realize how important this issue is and support this action in any way you can.