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Thread: BB&T, Wachovia: Two gun-free zones robbed around Charlottesville

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    2nd bank robbed in area this week; police find pants, cell phone near scene
    Albemarle County Police and Louisa County K-9 Unit search for a bank robbery suspect around the BB&T on State Farm Road in Pantops.
    By Ted Strong
    Published: November 20, 2009

    A man who may now be sans pants robbed a bank in Pantops on Friday.

    It was the second bank robbery in the Charlottesville area this week, but police weren’t yet sure if the two were connected.

    The robber entered the BB&T wearing a dark knit cap, a white surgical-style mask and brown and black work gloves, and carrying a bag, said Albemarle County police Lt. Greg Jenkins.

    “It was odd, to say the least,” Jenkins said. “It did direct some attention to him, but it did happen very quickly.”

    The man walked up to a teller and demanded money, Jenkins said.

    “There was some indication that there may have been a weapon with him,” but he didn’t show a weapon or explicitly say that he had one, Jenkins said.

    The man got away with an undisclosed amount of cash by going out the bank’s front door and around toward the back of the building.

    Police brought in a helicopter and a bloodhound, and officers from various agencies surrounded a patch of woods near the rear of the bank.

    On a small hillside between the patch of woods and the Starbucks at Pantops, officers found a pair of blue jeans and a black shopping bag after Daily Progress staff members pointed them out.

    The robber was wearing faded jeans when he held up the bank, Jenkins said.

    The bag appeared to be consistent with the black bag the robber is seen carrying out of the bank in a video still police have released. In the pants, the police found a cell phone.

    The robber was described as a white man in his late 20s or 30s, between 5 feet 6 inches and 6 feet tall, with brown hair and blue eyes, wearing a striped blue button-front shirt.

    Tuesday, a man robbed the Wachovia bank at 10th Street Northeast and East High Street, near Martha Jefferson Hospital, getting away with an undisclosed amount of money.

    That man was about 6 feet tall, white, wearing blue jeans, a brown pullover, white T-shirt, tasseled red-and-black winter knit cap and sunglasses.

    Anyone with information on either robbery is asked to call Crimestoppers at 977-4000.

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    While many Wachovia branches still have the no guns decal on the door, IIRC their anti-gun policy disappeared when they were taken over by Wells Fargo. I'm pretty sure my local branch removed the sticker but they ended up closing that location. The next nearest location down the road still has the sticker on the door, and I've never had a reason to go inside yet. I've OC'd many times to the ATM in front of the place, and I've never been chased off by an employee...

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    I keep asking at the Wachovia near me when they're going to have the Wells Fargo logo up on their building. I also ask if they are fully under WF's policies and procedures yet to which they tell me "no". Looks like it will be sometime next year. However, one of the guys who works there as much as told me to OC anyway. He said, "Notice what type of gun is in the no-guns symbol". Of course, it's a revolver so he was really just about ready to say that it's Ok to OC a semi-auto. He's a strong gun supporter.

    In the final seconds of your life, just before your killer is about to dispatch you to that great eternal darkness, what would you rather have in your hand? A cell phone or a gun?

    Si vis pacem, para bellum.

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