All the training one could desire and more than I could imagine, including

1. The purpose of hunter education (to produce safe, knowledgeable, responsible and involved hunters) and why it is important (firearm, shooting and hunting accident prevention; improved hunter compliance and behaviors)

2. Hunting Safety Rationale: Reduction of hunting and shooting related injuries and fatalities

1. Basic rules of shooting and hunting safety (e.g. Point muzzle in safe direction, treat every firearm with respect due a loaded gun, be sure of target and what is in front of and beyond the target, keep finger off the trigger until ready to shoot)

[ ... ]

13. Why hunters should wear blaze orange clothing for most hunting situations and/or why it is better than other colors while in the outdoors (to be seen)
"Improved hunter compliance and behaviors" sounds like just the place for eager statists and leaders. Are legally armed citizens and/or 'Constitutional Militiamen' eager to be compliant? Hunting safety and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms have been horribly conflated (that means 'read together').