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    Here we go again.... I've already had 3 people come up to me talking about all the armed robbery's, with the mentality of "we gotta do something about all these gun!"
    Why cant it be "we gotta do something about all these robbers?"

    If you look on the web site, and listen to the news, for the past week and a half, its been all about armed robbery, a fire here and there, but almost every local new cast is about armed robbery. When they put the GUNS in the light as if the GUN robbed the store, it makes it sound bad to normal people. The gun had nothing to do with any robbery, its the people carrying the guns.

    One person tried to tell me that if no one had guns this wouldnt happen. I promptly asked him where he buys his illegal smokes, cause I know he does it. I told him if they were illegal then no one SHOULD have them... He snapped back quick, and said I proven my point. Every day law abiding citizens can not go out and by that crap, but its still there. So take our guns away, and they will still be there, but the people that never did anything wrong to begin with will lose out. Well the conversation digressed to him saying he doesnt do anything wrong but only at his house, which is total bs, cause I've seen him in the paper.....

    Point being, I believe this type of news reporting makes it look like the guns robbed a store, not the people behind the gun... sad really. Another anti gun rally in progress, wind for their sails.


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    Refer your utterly confused friend(s) to the following video so they will understand why we cannot get rid of guns. If criminals cannot obtain guns illegally, they use knives. If they cannot use knives, they will make one. If they cannot find or make a knife, they'll use a blunt instrument with nails.

    "Innocents Betrayed"

    Buy DVD here:

    Watch for free here:

    "Innocents Betrayed ... shows why gun control must always be rejected." --Rep. Ron Paul, US Congressman (Texas, 14th District)

    "I am thrilled to see a production that for once doesn't dance around the real heart of the gun control debate." -- Suzanna Gratia Hupp, Member, Texas House of Representatives

    "This is KILLER truth ammo!!" -- Ted Nugent

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