Hey guys, this is an email that I typed for the people in my contact list, but I thought that if anyone else wanted to use it and just personalize it, they could.

Hello everyone,

I'd like you to sign a petition supporting Georgia House Bill 615, which will essentially remove the ridiculous and harmful firearms laws that plague the state of Georgia. Georgia's gun laws were intended to strip African Americans of their right to defend themselves with firearms (http://www.georgiacarry.org/cms/wp-content/uploads/2007/11/racist-roots-of-ga-gun-laws.pdf). These are laws against carrying firearms in churches, schools, public gatherings, public buildings, and in state government buildings, and though they were originally enacted to hinder African Americans, they affect all ordinary law-abiding citizens equally regardless of color or affiliation. For any who read this and think "Why should I care?” please read my statements and explanations below.

The main issue addressed by HB 615 is the existence of zones that the government believes should be free of firearms, unless the firearm is possessed by authorized personnel such as a law enforcement officer. Many people believe that if these gun laws restricting the usage of firearms are repealed, then gun crime will skyrocket. They are dead wrong. Many states have allowed carry in churches, schools and at public gatherings for years and have had no "wild west shootouts" like many people are led to believe. In fact, crime has decreased in the states that have granted firearm carry rights to their citizens (http://gunowners.org/fs0404.htm). The mass shootings that have been the most publicized, Columbine High School, Virginia Tech and Fort Hood, were conducted in "gun-free zones” (Yes, military bases are gun-free zones. The brave people who are sent to defend our country are not allowed to defend themselves and must rely on the government to help them.).You can easily find examples on the internet of law-abiding citizens stopping criminals who were intentionally harming people (http://www.thearmedcitizen.com/).The only people hindered by gun-restricted areas are the law-abiding citizens because the criminals and killers, by theirvery definition,don't care about the laws. The only method of stopping someone who is intent on doing someone else bodily harm is using equal or superior force to stop the attack. The most effective tool to achieve this end is the firearm, specifically the pistol, as it can easily be carried. Non-lethal alternatives such as mace or tasers do not have the range or effectiveness of a firearm and so cannot be relied on to stop any threat.

People trust the police to help them in a life-or-death situation. While I personally believe that most police are willing to put their lives on the line to protect good people, the Supreme Court has ruled that no police officer is obligated to risk his life for another person because of his job (http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,162325,00.html). The police are paid to enforce the law, not to be personal bodyguards. Also, consider the ratio of police officers to civilians. The chance that a police officer will be present if you or your loved ones are attacked is extremely small. It takes an average of 8-10 minutes in some areas for the police to arrive at your location (http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2004/may/10/20040510-122711-8996r/). Generally, most attacks will take place at a fairly close range, since criminals like to catch people unawares. It takes only 1-2 seconds for that criminal to draw a firearm and another second for each bullet he fires. Even if the criminal fires 10 rounds before he hits his target, only roughly 12 seconds will have passed and unless you’re lucky the police are about 7 minutes and 48 seconds away. The emergency responders will likely get to you after you are shot and possibly dead. One additional factor in emergency responses that is continually overlooked is the fact that the 911 emergency operators may not answer your call (http://wwaytv3.com/911_calls_go_unanswered/10/2009). How much time will be added to the police response time if multiple calls have to be made just to inform someone of the emergency?

Not only can you not rely on the police to protect you, you cannot rely on your fellow citizens either. There are documented cases in whichinnocent people have been killed, even thoughothers were standing by and could have intervened or at least have alerted the authorities. Consider theKitty Genovese case (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kitty_genovese). This has also happened since, and the psychological mindset of the witnesses has been termed the Genovese syndrome, or the Bystander effect (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bystander_effect). So, do you really want to rely on another citizen to help you when it's your life that is on the line?

The second main issue addressed by HB615 is the abolition of the provision in Georgia law that gives the governor authority to seize Georgians’ firearms in the event of a declared emergency. That means anything that he believes is an emergency can warrant your disarmament. This applies to everyone who possesses a firearm. Research the confiscation of firearms in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina (http://www.petitiononline.com/GaHB615/petition.html). You will see that law-abiding citizens were disarmed and were unable to defend themselves from criminals who took advantage of the crisis to kill and steal from the innocent.

I have established with supporting evidence the fact that you cannot rely on society’s safeguards to protect yourself or those whom you love. You may think that you still do not want to carry a firearm for self-defense, and that is fine with me. You have a right to choose to protect yourself or not. You are the judge of just how much your life is worth. However, when it comes down to the laws of our society, they affect both you and me. I do want to protect myself and my family. Supporting HB615 will give all of us the option to carry a firearm for protection in places that were previously denied to us for a racist agenda that existed long ago. The laws do nothing but deny the right of self-protection to us all in favor of those who would seek to harm us. Please support House Bill 615, and in doing so support the right of all Georgians to self-defense wherever we may go. Please sign the petition, get in touch with your state representatives and tell them to vote in favor of HB615, and tell everyone you know about HB615.

Below is the link for the petition for HB615. The page has a more detailed overview of the provisions it contains.


Thank you,

Jonathan Fields