(I understand that this is a bit of topic, but as this will be an extremely hard person to find, I am attempting to get out as much word as possible.)

I work with an organization attempting to pass Michigan HB5474 and SB747, two bills that will expand the ability to carry concealed weapons on college campuses. I know that this is an open-carry site, but as it is one of the larger "carry" sites, I am posting here. I am a CPL-holder and I am not a paid lobbyist. HB5474 extends state firearms preemption to college campuses, forbidding them from passing ordinances that ban firearms. SB747 removes dorms and classrooms from Pistol Free Zones.

I am looking for someone who is willing to testify at a hearing at both/one of the house/senate hearings in support of these bills. Ideally, this person was the victim of a crime while on a college campus that could have been prevented if the victim was carrying their firearm. The victim was a CPL-holder at the time of the crime, and has a habit of normally carrying their firearm. Extensive familiarity with firearms is not necessary - the idea here is to show that CPLs protect those who are otherwise vulnerable on a college campus.

Additionally, a CPL-holder who was unfairly criminalized as a result of carrying on a college campus would also help. This witness is a law-abiding citizen who unknowingly strayed onto a college campus and was penalized by the institution for carrying a concealed firearm. This does not need to be a student, but can be a traveler, passer-through, etc.

Again, I understand that this is an open carry forum but as it is a unique request, I am trying to put out as many feelers as I can. Please pass this on to your friends.

If you, or someone you know, fits this bill, please contact me at MichiganCCW@hotmail.com.