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Thread: Teen killed by NYC cops pulled gun, sealed own fate

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    No doubt about it... One less scumbag on the streets to commit more crime. Doesn't look very good that LEO's shots were all in sides and back, but he was an ARMED, FLEEING FELON. Let us not forget that fact.

    One more dirtbag assumes room temperature. NYC LEOs have a tought job made even harder by having an @$$hole for a mayor. They would probably have more support from the public if they hadn't elected such a weenie to public office. WTF were they THINKING???

    Nevermind... strike that thought... These are the same people that elected a non-resident of New York (theidiot from ARKANSAS of all places) to be one of their senators. Maybe they deserve whatver happens to them, but the rest of us certainly don't!

    Sorry... just my $.02 worth...
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