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Thread: Greenfield Legislative Committee Results

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    Sorry for the delay, been hunting.....

    Please take a minute to showsome appreciation, an email 'Thank You' for the unanimous vote in the Legislative Committee to approve the language modification that no longer prohibits open carry with in city of Greenfield.

    Alderperson Linda Lubotsky -

    Alderperson Pam Akers -

    Alderperson Tom Pietrowski -

    Snip of Minutes:
    5. Discussion and decision to adopt an ordinance amending Section 10.01 & 10.16 of the Municipal Code, and review of state statutes regarding open carry (Lubotsky)(LC 11/16/09) It was moved by Ald. Akers, seconded by Ald. Lubotsky, to recommend adoption of an ordinance amending Section 10.01 of the Municipal Code regarding open carry. City Atty. Pyzyk clarified that the previous ordinance change originally prohibited the open carry carrying of a firearm, while this ordinance prohibits the firing or discharging of a firearm within the City.
    The motion carried unanimously.

    One, this will showthat there are interested parties other than those who have attended the meetings. Two, I am hoping this will also help the cause to remove the city ofGreenfield's "Park Ban" language in the next meeting in December. That committee meeting will include Greenfield's Police Chief and Director of Parks and Recreation. If you can attend in person in December, so much the better.

    Snip of Minutes:

    Discussion was held regarding Section 10.16 of the Municipal Code. Ald. Lubotsky opened the floor for discussion, and the following individuals addressed thecommittee in opposition of the proposed ordinance:

    Michael Welk,Franklin

    Brad Krause,
    West Allis

    Curt Evers,

    City Atty. Pyzyk suggested that Police Chief Springob and Scott Jaquish, Director of Parks and Recreation attend the next meeting to explain why they request for this ordinance to be adopted.

    This item will be placed on the next agenda.
    I will post when December's Legislative Committee Meeting will be as soon as I know the date and agenda. I have attached Novenber's minutes for your review. I will also post when the Common Council will vote on the Legislative Committee's unanimous motion.

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    Was a productive meeting.

    Would be nice if there was a larger representation of rights seekers.
    What part of "shall not be infringed" don't you understand?

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    Thanks to those who where there. Sorry I couldn't make it.

    I have a hard time showing great appreciation for this. 10.01 was clearly in violation of state statutes. All they did, therefore, was change the municipal code to not be illegal.

    Per emails I had with Lubotsky 6 months ago, she was supposed to get an opinion from the city attorney on this way back when we initially started going to the council meetings. She didn't and, of course, the city attorney, mayor, and other council members never responded to my emails. Finally, in September, Lubotsky finally responded stating that the city attorney was going to change the municipal code 10.01. I guess this was that change.

    Nobody in the Greenfield city council, to include the mayor, has been a profile in courage.


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