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Thread: The Liberty Pledge

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    This pledge and others like it are starting to float around the forums.
    Would you sign it?


    As a free human being and in full support of the Constitution for the United States of America, for the purpose of securing natural rights bestowed by the Creator, asserting these rights for myself, my family, my children and future generations, be it known to all that in regard to--
    (1) a mandate to purchase health insurance or participate in a government-run plan, (2) regulatory and taxation schemes designed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, (3) further infringements of the right to keep and bear arms, or (4) any sanctioned U.N. Treaty this current administration shall pledge to support, sign, or ratify:

    I will not abide by this law/code
    I will not recognize this law/code
    I will openly oppose this law/code
    I will not pay the associated taxes within this law/code
    I will not pay the fines associated with this law/code
    I will not go to jail
    I will come to the aid of any other patriot whom also pledges.

    So I pledge without hesitation and with faith.

    Signed __________________________________ Date _________

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    This statement seems a fat with pork, so I can't endorse it. It was probably drafted by a professional politician proposing pork fat ....

    Pork fat comes back to that politician, because that's why politicians are in business - create and collect pork fat from you, stupid.

    Read it again ... This is what Pork Fat Politicians depend on. They think you are too dumb to read what they are saying.

    Well, go back to school, and give them a surprise!

    And if the firearms clause is really in pending legislation, then you need to jerk the legislator from office immediately, take him or her out and in invite them to leave this county.

    Who needs traitors living and talking within our borders?

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