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Thread: OC On Portsmouth Lakes is official

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    Post imported post repeals law banning guns on lakes
    By Meghan Hoyer
    The Virginian-Pilot
    © November 26, 2009 PORTSMOUTH
    The City Council on Tuesday unanimously repealed an out-of-date law that banned guns on city lakes.
    The existence of the law came up in early November, when members of the Virginia Citizens Defense League brought it to the council's attention.
    The state has prohibited cities from having laws that restrict or prohibit guns on most public property.
    Portsmouth's lakes, which help provide water to the city, are in Suffolk. The law prohibiting guns hasn't been enforced in recent years, according to a brief from the city attorney's office. If it were, the city could be held liable for the defendant's attorney fees.

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    Post imported post

    Progress is our most important by-product, to paraphrase the old G.E. slogan.

    There are still a lot of outdated laws out there that need to be repealed.

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