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Thread: Nation-wide STRIKE Jan. 1st thru 10th?

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    Given the fact that

    (a) we all have New Years' day off and it's immediately followed by a weekend and

    (b) we'll all have vacation-time available right after the first

    how about if we ALL take a week's worth of vacation as a protest against all the horrible government policies that they're trying to pass?

    And I mean EVERYBODY - including "essential services" people (police, fire AND medical personnel).

    It would be a great way to give us all time to contact Representatives and Senators NON-STOP about how we REALLY feel about these policies, wouldn't it?

    Time to contact all of our local media outlets (local newspaper and radio shows) to let them know WHY we're doing it?

    Need some input and feedback on this one. Pete

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    What "horrible" government policies are you talking about, exactly?

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    We allow general liberty-related posts on OCDO but calling for a strike of essential services that would cost the lives of our fellow citizens is NOT something we advocate, believe in or want to associate ourselves with!

    Thread closed!

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