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Thread: Pocket holster?

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    Hey all,

    Now that I've (hopefully) had all the bugs worked out of my P380 I'm looking for a way to carry it as a BUG or primary weapon. The two options I've looked into have been ankle and pocket carry and after some trial and error at the range I've settled on the latter. I'm looking for suggestions on what brand(s) to look into and if anyone happens to have any tips/traps on pocket carry they would be much appreciated as well.


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    Blackhawk makes one that might fit your Kahr, their model #40PP04B. At under $13, it's a steal...,82,34.htm
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    These are the ones I have and like:
    They all keep the gun in a proper position to draw

    Aker pocket protector express 155- extremely thin, Hides the gunwell, the draw back is it isn't ambidextrous.
    DeSantis Superfly- This thing stays put, it is ambi but a little bulky
    Desantis Nemesis- not as bulky and there is a stand alone mag pouch
    Desantis Nemesis cargo-the is an attached mag pouch
    Ken Null SPS got this whenI got my first pocket gun a Seecamp .32
    (gun and holster are retired)
    Leather is nice but since no one sees it and it is heavier and bulkier.

    For the money I like the Nemesis the best, followed by the Superflyfor my PM40.
    The Nemesis cargo is great for my larger pocket guns.

    The beauty of pocket carry is you can have your hand on your firearm if things start to get shady without anyone knowing you have a gun in hand.

    Tight fitting pants or pants with small pockets need to be addressed.

    I use iron on patches to reinforce the pants pocket (inside) and have an extra stitch added to the seam of the pocket.

    Hope this helps.

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