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Thread: Pre 1995 Carry Laws?

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    Hi Everybody,
    Pardon my ignorance, but...
    What were the firearms laws with regards to the carrying of pistols and revolvers in Texas prior to the Concealed Carry law enacted in 1995?

    Thank you.

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    The statutes were the same as they are now, with the exception of the exceptions that have been added.

    First, start with PC 46.02, which makes it a crime to carry a handgun on or about your person, unless: (long list of exemptions).

    The exemptions that have been added starting with the '95 legislative session include: concealed with a CHL, and while in a motor vehicle you own or control (it took two stabs to get that right).

    Some of the restrictions on CHLs have been loosened, such as requiring 30.06-compliant signs for trespassing, and making amusement parks, churches, and hospitals legal unless they post 30.06 notices.

    Everything else is pretty much like it was before '95.

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    Pre-1995 handgun statutes were generally ignored across the State. I was a 24/7 violator myself.The turning point was 1991 (theKileen Luby's Cafeteria shooting). That brought about the Texas concealed carry law- which made it (legally) possible to exercise the right of self-defense in Texas to those who "qualifiy" for the license.

    Texas is a big state. and as I've cited many times depending upon where you were and WHO you were the handgun provision of Texas law might or might not be enforced.Generally enforcement was directly proportional to the population of the nearest incorporated jurisdiction. For example my 14 year old soncould drive me to work and return the pickup to the house and then board the school bus where we lived without any worries about being stoppedby LEO's because it was a rural area where this was an established custom.

    Local Sheriff's office exercised common sense, and knew that a handgun in the possession of a LAW-ABIDING citizen was only a threat to criminals.Existing Texaslaw establishing criminality for lawful possession of a handgun for the purpose of self defense is patently unconstitutional.

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