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Thread: Possible trip across the mountains

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    I may be visiting a friend in Tenn. from NC. I would like to make sure I have the basic laws down in Tenn from my understanding.

    NC is an open carry state and does not require a permit to carry open. This is not legal in Tenn. however with a state issued and privileged carry permit, one may carry concealed or open.

    My CONCEALED weapons permit is valid and Tenn. and I still would be permitted to OC even though my permit states CONCEALED.

    Now on to the part I am not sure about.
    in NC it is illegal to carry a weapon open or concealed (with or without a permit, which is moot in Tenn. since you have to have a permit to carry anyway) in:
    Gov. property
    Places where an admission fee is charged
    Places where alcohol is sold and consumed
    Places where signs have been posted stating no firearms (duh!)

    Does Tenn. have any additional places that I can't carry? Can I carry in any of the places I listed above in Tenn.?

    Thanks guys I appreciate the help and a cited source is certainly preferable to a claim that you make, although not required.

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    In TN there is no restriction on carrying where admission is charged.

    In TN you may carry in all State parks even if they are posted. You may not carry if school groups are present.

    You shouldn't carry in city or county parks unless you check local laws. Some are posted others are not.

    In Tn you used to be able to carry in restaurants which served alcohol, but a judge just ruled the law unconstitutional last week.

    You can carry on state or local government property unless it is posted or unless any school board or school uses the property, or it is a courtroom.

    You can open carry or carry concealed.

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    Be careful in western NC. Last I heard that rock slide on I-40 had been used by the Governor to declare a "state of emergency" which means if it is still in effect you can't carry off your own property CC or OC. Quite a bit of discussion regarding whether the emergency only applies to the local county or the whole state. I can't find a cite that resolves the issue. One of the members here reports that he checked with the NC AG's office and was advised that enforcement of the "no carry" rule is discretionary to local officials. That , in my opinion, is a sure way to wind up spending some time as the guest of the local LEO's . Just a friendly heads up.

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