[font=""]Utah Gun Collector Murdered in Home Invasion: Investigators remained very tight-lipped Wednesday, two days after a retired BYU professor was killed inside his home… Kent Carroll, a longtime resident on South Canyon Road a couple of miles southeast of Payson, said Mortensen's family was planning to gather at the house Monday evening to play board games. That included Mortensen's son and the son's wife, who apparently were tied up by two men who invaded the house… Carroll said it was widely known that Mortensen, 70, had "an extensive collection" of guns and ammunition, including specialty weapons. Whether that may have been a motive for the crime, no one is saying. He said his neighbor was a "survivalist-type person" who even had a bunker behind his house in the event of a catastrophe. Carroll said he believes Mortensen may have let his guard down, thinking his family was at the door. If that happened, "I suspect he was facing a gun (and) they got the drop on him. Knowing Kay, he was a fairly cautious guy." … (Mental awareness and mental preparedness are the first two priorities. Personally, I never open the door without looking first through the peephole and, when I do, I’ve always got my hand on a gun in a pocket, even on Halloween. See John Farnam’s November 25 quip, below.)


25 Nov 09

Signs of the times, from a friend in UT:

"Monday, a well-liked BYU professor was murdered in his own home.

Four VCAs overpowered him at his front door and relentlessly beat him until he yielded the combination to his safe. When the safe was opened, the victim's throat was cut open, and he bled to death within seconds. His body was left in his living room.

The gang was arrested shortly thereafter.

Vengeance may have been the motive, as one of the VCA's brothers is currently in prison. The professor testified for the prosecution at his trial.

VCAs didn't need to kick the door in. The victim opened it for them. He was unarmed at the time!"

Comment: The media-manufactured "recovery" we're supposedly in is, in truth, a dangerously deepening recession. We'll shortly be looking at double-digit inflation, as well as double-digit unemployment (which we have now), for the balance of the BHO Administration.

One symptom is an increasing degree of desperation and violence on the part of society's losers, who are all but encouraged to commit violent crimes against classes of citizens (Jews, Christians, "the rich," et al) deemed "enemies" of the current leftist political agenda.

With regard to answering your door, particularly at night, when you're not expecting anyone.

Don't! There is no law that requires you to answer your door.

When you do answer your door, always be armed and ready to react. Being armed, even while at home, has become a necessity!

Electronic speakers, that allow you to talk with someone at your door without opening it, are highly recommended.

It is going to get worse. We have to be prepared!

"'Government' consists of a gang, with no particular talent for the business of government, nor anything else for that matter. They do have talent, and lust, only for getting and holding political office. Their principal device to that end is to seek out constituencies of weaklings who endlessly pant and pine for something they can't quite seem to get, mainly because they're not willing to work for it.

These constituencies are then promised, that what they think they want will be forcibly taken from those who rightfully own it and subsequently given to them, even though they neither deserve it, nor have so much as lifted a finger to earn it. The process is little more than 'theft by proxy.' The actual thieves are, as noted above, contemptible gasbags. Recipients, when they go along, become petty thieves themselves, are thus altogether
stripped of what little personal honor and dignity they may have once had.

Happily, nine times out of ten, those promises, like the prevaricators who make them, are worth nothing. The tenth time is made good only by looting the productive in order to mollify the willfully unproductive. In other words, our 'government' is a broker in pillage, and every so-called 'election' is little more than an auction of pilfered goods."

... paraphrased from HL Mencken


("VCA" is Farnamese for "Violent Criminal Actor.")