There are already two major bills that have been prefiled in The Georgia General Assembly that would change the landscape of Georgia Firearms Law.

Many of you are now aware of House Bill 615, however; many of you may not be as aware of Senate Bill 291. In fact, I had just came across it only yesterday.

Senate Bill 291 has its strong points... such as allowing Vehicle carry while picking up or dropping off Airport Passengers at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta. It also works to repeal 16-11-128 of current Georgia Law, and also alters, to atleast some extent 16-11-129. Again, it would also remove the holster requirement for concelaed Firearms and would also allow concealed Weapons. However, Senate Bill 291 would not, in my opinion, go as far as would House Bill 615 does though.

For one, it stills has/keeps a laundry list of Persons who are ineligible to get a Georgia Firearms License, and it does not address Public Gatherings at all.

Interestingly, in stark contrast, House Bill 615 does address these issues by eliminating them in their entireity.

Both bills do address current Georgia Law 38-3-51, by limiting Governor power during a states-of-emergency situations, and also work to introduce new Georgia Law 16-11-136, that would ultimately significantly strengthen current State-wide Preemption Law 16-11-173.

In my opinion the best result would be to fuse the two bills together into one bill, yet; that very well may prove difficult to do seeing as to how these bills orginate in different chambers.