Pulling from the driveway and just starting to head down the street, a pickup truck had stopped, DS door open, driver beside it looking down at the street. The whole conglomeration blocked the street both ways.

Theres no one else around.

I stopped about 150 yards before the scene and waited, at the "itll take a damn good shot to hit me from there" distance.

The driver appeared disoriented, squatting down staring/grasping at the street, looking up, standing, moving around incoherently at least as it appeared from my vantage point.

I stayed put in my vehicle, windows up.

Driver sees me and instead of signalling 'Oops, sorry I was a putz for blocking traffic,' he points a finger at me. Doesnt appear to be a friendly gesture. A friendly gesture is to WAVE or step aside and wave me on. Something to assure me that hes coherent and recognizes I could run over him were I as deranged as he appeared to be.

Driver gets in the truck, pulls across the intersection and I proceed ahead to the intersection, he walks back, beside and past my vehicle, not looking at me.

Im watching him! Every finger.

Dangerous place to be, but not as dangerous as being in a vehicle trapped in traffic. Im not in the 4x4 with enough power to push his truck till next Tuesday, Im in the grocery getter vehicle.

driver walks past/behind my vehicle and squats on the pavement where he was before looking at a CIGARETTE thats lying there burning. At this point I decide hes got a screw loose and Im outta here.

He has no visible weapon and Im driving a tank in comparison, so I don't immediately need the G26, but its there anyway, and since this happened so close to home, its kept close at all times especially when I'm outside.

Defense is more of avoiding/deflecting an attack. If it doesnt escalate, so much the better. A common street trick to identify people who are easy targets is to set up some scene and see if the mark is drawn in. Im not playing that game.