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Thread: Two interesting responses today.

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    Hello OC Forums,

    I live up in Shelton and was walking my dog around Fawn Lake. I had a couple of encounters (mostly waves) from individuals during my walk. However as I rounded the last corner heading back to my house, a car that had passed by stopped in front of me. I immediately assumed there would be a question about my sidearm (FN Five-Seven w/ a thigh holster).

    The elderly gentlemen in the car had rolled down the driver side window. He asked me, "What's with the sidearm?" to which I responded, "To protect myself." He then asked, "How long have you lived here?" to which I replied, "A long time." I then proceeded to continue walking down the road and he said something I could not hear, then put his car and reverse, turned around and drove off.

    Not more then two minutes later another gentlemen in a large ford f-150 pulls up beside me and asks in a polite tone, "Are you a police officer?" I responded, "Nope just out here walking and making sure I am protected." He responded, "Well I am sure glad you are here, it makes me feel safe." He then drove off leaving me with a good feeling.

    Anyhow just two minor encounters I thought I might share with the community here. Also may the 4 murdered Lakewood Police Offers rest in peace now that the criminal has been put to rest.

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    I have family in Fawn Lake and am down there all the time. My dad drives a F-150....I doubt he'd tell you he felt safe though, LOL.....pretty anti-gun and hates the fact that I carry at all....

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