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Thread: Liberty Franklin Model Gun Safe

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    I am looking into buying a gun safe pretty soon - and a local sporting good store has:

    Liberty Franklin Model 25 Gun Safe (It gives 1 hour fire protection) from what I can gather is a pretty competitive price of $1288.00

    I was curious if any of you own such a safe or have any good/bad things to say about them?


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    My brother-in-law owns a Browning and a Liberty safe. Looking at them side-by-side, inside and out, I think they are pretty darn similar, ad the Liberty is considerably less expensive.

    When I upgrade my safe, Liberty is already on the top of my list, with Fort Knox and Cannon.
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    I've got the exact same safe in black. I've had no troubles in 3 years of ownership.

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    I have a Liberty also, but not that particular model.

    From my research when I bought my Liberty -- and experience looking at assorted "safes" (actually, these are RSCs, not true "safes") then and since --there isn't much difference between brands in a given price bracket: They have much more in common than not.

    Consequently, just decide on what you want to spend and look for one at the best price inyour chosen price range. And look at the warranty...that may be the decider if it's better than the other "safes"warranties.

    Burglary (B-rated) "safes" are of much thicker steel than fire-rated "safes"are (therefore harder to get into via brute force) but give no fire protection. You can kind of get around that by getting some of those "fire-proof chests" like Sentry makes and put those in a non-fire-rated burglary safe.

    You can get a burglary AND fire-rated safe/RSC (BF-rated)...but these are even more expensive.

    Good luck,

    -- John D.

    (formerly of Colorado Springs, CO)

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