I just purchased this and installed it on my holster with the intent of being able to mount the other adapter on my car console so I could transfer the holster there while driving.

The quick disconnect works great and functions exactly as designed, however, it just doesn't work for my carry needs. It does bring the gun about an inch further away from the body and for me this just doesn't work out.

I've only had it on the holster for a day and I still have all the original packaging, instructions, and hardware that came with it.

I'm asking $22.00 + shipping cost

PM me if your interested.

ETA: I did have to slightly enlarge the slots on the belt loop attachment to accomodate the new mounting screws. I did NOT make an adjustments or modifications to the quick disconnect kit. When I removed the quick disconnect from the belt loop I scratched the mounting nuts because I had to use pliers to hold them in place so I could get the screws out :? They will still function just fine, but they are scratched ...I have reduced my asking price some to reflect this.