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Thread: OT: XD45 for sale in Moscow

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    I am selling my XD45 with original XD Gear, 5 additional 13 round mags, Blackhawk Serpa
    Galco SkyOps, and Milt Sparks Versa Max II. The XD is a 2007 with 2k through it and very well cared for with no rust. All holsters are right handed. The gun hasn't been out of the safe much in the last 6 months and I would rather someone else enjoy it than have it just sitting around. If you are interested PM me for more details.

    I am willing to sell just the XD45 and XD gear package by themselves.

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    Vandal wrote:
    "...very well cared for with no rust."
    I can confirm that. It is a good looking gun. That Milt Sparks holster is worth the package.

    I have been drooling over the VMIIever since you showed me yours the other night.


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